Think outside the frame with these photo projects


Right now, we bet your phone is packed with hundreds or thousands of cute pics. Sure, you post some to social media, but there's something about timelines and photostreams that just doesn't feel...permanent. 

Printed pictures, on the other hand, are a great way to preserve memories. And if you're feeling a little tired of regular frames, here are a few cute alternative ways to showcase your snapshots.   

Mini clothespins and ribbon


This technique is an easy way to add color and energy to a room. All you need are some miniature clothespins, two removable hooks and a spool or ribbon or twine. Decide how wide you want your display to be. Place one hook where you want the ribbon to start, and another where you want it to to end. Then, measure the distance from one hook to the other, and cut a piece of ribbon about seven or eight inches longer. Tie the ends of the ribbons into loops that can fit around each of the hooks. Once you have the ribbon up, use the clothespins to attach your photos.   

Glitter cork board


Try sticking your pictures to an adorable glitter cork board. Buy a thick tile of corkboard from a craft or hardware store. Using a foam brush, add a thin layer of glue to the front of the tile. Place the tile onto a piece of newspaper, and sprinkle glitter over it. Do the same with the sides and back of the tile, allowing enough time for each layer to dry. When you've finished, hot glue a piece of ribbon to the top corners of the tile, so you can hang the display on your wall and use colored tacks to attach your photos.

Heart-shaped wall collage


Not a DIY person? This project is for you. All you need are pictures and a roll of painter's tape. Attach a loop of the tape to the back of each photo. One by one, stick each picture to the wall, until you've created a heart-shaped arrangement. So simple.

Colorful clipboards


Buy a couple of inexpensive wooden clipboards like these. With a foam brush, paint the surface of the clipboards with acrylic paint and let dry. Then take each of your pictures, and clip them to the boards. For art gallery vibes, make sure each of your prints has a one-inch white border.  

Wire hanger gallery


Use your leftover hangers to make a pretty picture display. To create this display, you'll need a spool of thin white string, painter's tape, a wire hanger and some white acrylic paint. Lay the wire hanger on newspaper, and coat with a layer of white paint. After the paint has dried, cut three to five pieces of string (depending on the width of your photos), each about 2 feet long. Then, tie each piece of string to the base of the hanger, spacing the pieces evenly. Lay the hanger down so that the hook turns toward the right. Place each picture face down onto the string and use a strip of tape to fasten.  

Do you have any cute ideas for hanging all your fave pics? Let us know in the comments below! 

Photo credit: Tumblr, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest, Pinterest.


by Lauren Padilla | 5/17/2020