Keep it chic with these minimalist touches


If there’s one thing you need to know about minimalism, it’s this: Simplicity is *sweet*. Ready to kick crazy colors to the curb and give this toned-down trend a try? Start by swapping in our fave minimalist finds. 

You can’t always simplify your actual dreams, but you can simplify your space with this dream catcher

This ivory throw creates interest by playing with the neutral color palette. 

Light up your space (and make it smell *so* great) with these candles

Few things in life are more complicated than a towering pile of tangled necklaces, so this organizer makes decorating and getting dressed effortless. 

Though basic, this body pillow delivers the right dose of detailing. 

Trade in your tapestries for the smooth edges of this creatively captured art print

Your newly refined room will make for a pretty rad reflection, so use this mirror to see it for yourself. 

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Photo credit: Homey Oh My.

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by Megan Sawey | 11/10/2016