DIY a glittery garland for your room this holiday


Deck the halls (of your room, that is) with a pretty garland made from the pages of those old books you have lying around. The best part? It's super easy *and* you can leave it up all year round! Keep it classic with gold glitter or use multiple colors for an extra modern touch.  

You'll need:

+ Old book pages
+ Glue stick
+ Wire


1. Glue two book pages together with a piece of wire down the center.

2. Cut the paper into a feather shape (the wire will be the center of the feather). Cut fringe into the shape to create the illusion of a real feather.

3. Apply glue to the tip of your feather and sprinkle on glitter.

4. Let dry and repeat for as many feathers as you'd like. Hang them all on a string for a glimmering garland. 

How are you decorating your room for Christmas? Let us know in the comments! 

Tutorial credit: Life is a Party.

by Amanda Tarlton | 12/11/2016
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