8 things every foodie should have in her room


You watch Food Network *every* night, have a Pinterest "yummy eats" board with 1230985987 pins and don't understand the people who say they're never hungry. Basically, you're a major foodie (we can relate!). Now you can dream of donuts and pizza and everything else 24/7 with this list of things every foodie *has* to have for her bedroom.

Taco about a super sassy mat. This one will remind your friends the *real* reason you invited them over...just kidding (maybe).


This picnic-ready pencil clutch from Betsey Johnson. It’s perfect for storing your school supplies, or even your makeup must-haves.

For those of you with a bathroom attached to your room, take a look at this *sweet* shower curtain. Conditioner with a side of cupcakes, anyone?

Treat your pooch to a watermelon bed that's compact enough to fit in the corner of your room or at the foot of your bed.


Satisfy your ice cream craving with this mouth-watering comforter set.

Pretty up your room with these pineapple party string lights.

Show your fave pup some love with this ultra soft pugs and donuts throw blanket.

Curl up with a book and this DIY pizza pillow when you're tired and need to relax.

Which of these fun foodie decos is your fave? Let us know in the comments! 

by Kaila L. | 2/16/2017
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