Love Beauty and the Beast? Glam up your room with this inspo


Beauty and the Beast *finally* comes out next Friday and we are cannot wait. Mostly because we know Emma Watson is going to slay as Belle, but also because we love admiring the gorg castle that she gets to live in. And while you might not live in an enchanted castle, you can at least steal some design tips from our fave Disney princess.

Every princess needs her own vanity, and choosing a vintage one will make your room appear more rustic and classical. You’ll be living in your very own fairytale!

Belle loves roses, so try gathering up a bunch of flowers and glue them onto wooden letters that spell out your name or just your initials. This idea could *not* get any cuter.

Add some magical vibes to your room by choosing classy and traditional bedding. Anything gold, pale pink or white will def do the job.

Adding perfume displays to your room makes you seem really organized and sophisticated (in a good way!) and will definitely make your room very Belle-esque.

What’s a Beauty and the Beast themed room without a magical mirror? Drape twinkling fairy lights over yours for a spellbinding touch.

Or, for a more subtle and chic look, hang a strand of fake roses over a vintage-looking mirror. 

Replace your boring old dresser with a classy armoire like this one. We especially love the details at the fancy.

This shabby chic earring holder is the sweetest touch for your vanity. You can even make your own using mesh or wire and an old picture frame.

How would you decorate a Beauty and the Beast themed room? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo credit: Pinterest.

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by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 3/9/2017