How to *actually* keep your desk organized according to a pro


Welcome to GL's spring cleaning series, featuring one of our fave organizing pros, Erica from Girl-Organized. Each week, we'll be sharing insider secrets from the blogger babe on how to makeover and reorganize your room. This week's topic? Your desk. So long piles of paper, scattered pens and never being able to find anything. Hello, Insta-worthy workspace! Read Erica's advice below for dreamifying your desk...then get to work.

What's your number one tip for keeping your desk clean and organized?

Everything needs a place! I try to keep the things I use the most close to me, but everything else has its own spot on my desk or on the bookshelf. I love to use little storage containers I get from the Target dollar section to contain all the things I have like washi tape, note pads, etc. 

What's your favorite desk organizing accessory?

Right now, I'm using some mason jars to keep all my pens, markers and highlighters separated on my desk and I love it! I also just got a monitor riser from Poppin that I'm obsessed with. 

Say your desk is *super* messy and cleaning it is downright intimidating. Any advice for how to start tackling the reorganizing?

I like to start by sorting things into pilesso say you have a bunch of pens and pencils all over the place, put those into a pile. Then, put all your paper or books into a pile, and go from there. Once I get everything off my desk, I like to wipe it clean and slowly start putting things back into place. This is where storage containers or jars can come in handy for holding pens, pencils and highlighters. 

Speed round! Spill your thoughts on...

+ Gold or silver?

+ Neutrals or brights?

+ Sticky notes or highlighters?

+ Sharpies or gel pens?
Gel pens

+ Biggest desk pet peeve?
Not having enough storage space

+ Three things your dream desk would have?
A wide top (I love a big workspace!), no keyboard drawer and gold accents

What would *your* dream desk look like? Tell us in the comments! 

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by Amanda Tarlton | 3/16/2017