The *right* way to organize all of your clothes


At some point in her life, every girl has had a dresser or is going to have a dresser (hello college dorms!), but trying to keep them clean and organized is almost impossible. Whether you throw papers on top of it and leave them there for days or have clothes spilling out of the drawers, there are simple changes you can make to declutter your drawers and tips for some serious spring cleaning vibes. Erica, the blogger behind Girl, Organized, reveals her secrets below:

Divide and hang
One easy solution to organzing your underwear drawer is to place dividers in the drawer so you have separate sections. Erica uses this method for her underwear and her bras and says "if you use dividers, you can just stuff them in squares, and you're good to go!"  And to help clear space in your dresser, hang up the clothes you know you're going to wear out of the house to avoid wrinkles.

Keep vs. donate 
To help declutter your drawers and your closet, you should go through everything you have and decide what you want to donate. It can be hard to part with some of your clothes so Erica suggests going through your clothes quickly the first time and just throwing the clothing item in the first pile that comes to mind. Basically, listen to your gut. "It's a good method because sometimes it helps to not think about it at first, and then once you've kind of processed what you've done, you can go back and make sure you're making the right decision," Erica explains.

Decorate, decorate, decorate
A good way to make sure your dresser stays clean is to decorate the top of it with a cute corkboard or your fave snaps in pretty picture frames. Having a Pinterest worthy dresser top will motivate you to keep the rest of it clean, too. Erica has an inspiration board on top of hers with quotes she cut out from magazines and tons of photos of places she wants to travel to and things that make her happy. You can create your own inspiration board following these steps.

Upgrade to something new
If you've had your dresser for awhile, you may just be bored with it and don't care about how it looks, but you can easily make some changes to give your dresser and your room a whole new vibe. Erica recommends painting yours a new fresh color and switching out the knobs. Or you can create a distressed look with these tips.

How do you keep your dresser organized?  Do you have decor on your dresser?  Let us know in the comments below!

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by Cali Drouillard | 4/1/2017