These tapestries will totally revamp your room


Now that it's summer break, you have a lot of time on your hands...which means it's the perfect opp to makeover your room. The only problem is that your parents won't let you paint your walls (ugh!). But that's okay because there's plenty of temporary solutions that can turn boring walls into something beautiful. Like a tapestry! We've rounded up 10 of our faves we found online that you can use for inspo. Check them out below.


Dark blue tapestry
This tapestry is bold and will match great if you have a white or light colored bedspread. 

Light green and blue tapestry
With colors that channel the ocean, this wall hanging is *perfect* for summer. It will add a relaxing vibe to your room. 

Tribal watercolor elephant tapestry  
Get a little wild with your decor with this jungle-themed tapestry. The vibrant colors will liven up even the most boring white walls.

Black and gold tapestry
Mandalas are *so* in right now, and now you can hang one on your wall with this bold piece.

Pink, blue and yellow elephant/tree tapestry
Elephants are thought of as signs of good use this rainbow deco to bring you all the posi vibes. 

Red and purple star tapestry
Boho chic just got a lot more elegant with this starry fabric. 

White and yellow tapestry
There's just something so crisp and clean about all neutral everything. The gold pattern is fit for the princess in all of us, too.

White and black hippie elephant tapestry 
Again with the elephants! This capivating tapestry is super versatile because it can be paired with any color scheme. 

Summer mandala tapestry
If you love colorful decor, you'll love this vibrant wall hanging. It's like bringing all the happy vaca vibes into your bedroom! 

Purple flower tapestry
Purple is a very calming color so, if you struggle to fall asleep or just want to turn your space into a cozy retreat, this tapestry will do the trick.

Do you have a tapestry in *your* room? Share in the comments! 


by Mary Kate Biser | 7/6/2017
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