How to decorate your room based on your Zodiac sign

We all want a room that reflects who we truly are, a room that is comfortable and gives us *all* the good vibes. And what better way to choose your decor than by looking to the zodiac? We've got exactly how you should spruce up your space based on your sign below.

You're passionate and full of energy, but never intimidating. Since you are a fire sign, you are attracted to various shades of red. But a totally red room can be overwhelming and leave you restless. Start off with base colors, like black, white and gray then use red as your accent color to brighten up your space.  

You are calm, goal-oriented and love working with your hands. Your ideal space includes earthy things like leafy plants and succulents decorating the walls amd pinks, greens and blues with a lot of storage room to store all of your craft supplies. Since you are a loyal and loving friend, you also have a few picture frames and photographs to personalize your room.

You are a popular and loved individual so your room is the space for all your friend hangouts. Since you want a space that's liked by you and your friends, you have photographs covering your walls. However, as a Gemini, you are cool, calm and collected at all times, so your room includes shades of light blue and white with a fuzzy pillow or blanket to stay cozy. 

Your room is your sanctuary, where you spend the majority of your time. Cancers enjoy the simple things in life, so your bedroom is where your personality shines. through. The atmosphere of your room is cozy, decorated with silver accents. You add your own twist of colors and patterns with an abundance of throw pillows. 

A Leo is known for their crazy, outgoing personality and their room needs to reflect that. Show the world who you truly are by decorating your entire room as a personal inspirational board complete with gold accents and glitter decals.  The walls of your bedroom are a plain white but bright pieces amp up the whole space to match your charismatic personality. 

Known for being ambitious, determined and successful, you need a space that will keep you focused without distractions. In your ideal room, organization is key. Your clean and organized desk outshines everything else in the room while forest green, brown and blue accents calm your mind and a patterned rug lights up the space and adds a little fun. Since you tend to be a perfectionist, you have plenty of storage bins too, obviously.  

As a Libra, you strive for balance in your room between your love for art and beauty. The space is filled with sentimental items that you hold close to your heart with accents of light blue, green and white. Artwork covers your walls with shades of blue that make you feel right at home. Since you are a social butterfly, it's nice to have some of your favorite pictures of friends and family hanging on the walls. 

You're intense and driven in life, so you like a blank slate (and clean space) for inspiration. To keep you motivated, a collection of your favorite inspirational quotes hang from the walls. You have an urban sense of style and dream of living in a city so you keep your walls white with grey and light pink accents. 

Sagittarius are known for their go-getter attitude and cheerful, friendly personality. You have a strong sense of wanderlust, wanting to travel the world—whimsical color accents like dark purple, bright pink, black and dark blues brighten up your room. Since you're forever a kid at heart, a canopy with fairy lights hang over your bed with a vibrant tapestry on the wall. 

You are the most determined out of all the Zodiac signs. Your room is often messy, but your desk is the one organized thing in your room for when you're ready to crack open the latest book or get started on a new assignment. Since you are a sun sign, you like color accents like orange, yellow and red to keep your spirits high and your energy up. 

Your creative style can be hard to pinpoint sometimes. You think outside the box when it comes to designing your room and love pushing creative limits in your life. However, you have a simplistic style when it comes to your room. Color accents like metallic silver, light blue and white keep you calm and relaxed with a string of fairy lights above your bed.  

This water sign needs calming tones like turquoise, ocean blue and an occasional gold accent. You're artistic and easy-going so you need a room that will let you be as creative as possible.  You show your loyal side by hanging photographs with your best friends. Since you can feel a world of emotions when someting upsets you, these colors and decorations will be soothing and uplifting. 

Which Zodiac-inspired room is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! 

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by Leah V. | 7/10/2017