16 room decor items you need if you love glitter

Glitter is a girl's best friend. But even if your manicure, coffee cup and tank top are glistening 24/7, glamming up your room can take a little bit more creativity. If you love sparkles as much as we do, you will be be obssessed with these 16  glistening room decor ideas. The best part? You can buy *or* DIY literally any of these. Shine on, girl!

Hang up sparkling canvases to spruce up your walls! Pick a favorite quote to add in for a personal touch. You can learn how to DIY tons of different ones on YouTube

Throw pillows, Society6
Fab up your bed (or desk chair) with some glitter throw pillows. You'll be lounging like a princess. 

Blankets, Etsy
Even though this blanket is a little pricey, we love how elegant it is. Plus it's super cuddly and handmade—it can tie any room together.  

Light up your world with this over the top DIY. This simple accent will truly make your room shine like a diamond. 

Curtains, Society6
Everyone deserves some privacy, and a good set of curtains. These ones are so glamorous that we can't help but imagine the statement they'd make in your room (or ours!). 

Light switch plate
It's the little things that make life fun, and that couldn't be more true with this DIY. For those of you who love paying attention to details, spicing up your light switches and outlets is the perfect way to make your room *pop*.

When you look at yourself, you should see how beautiful you are. So your mirror should totes have the same state of mind. Whether you want to bedazzle your mirror with gemstones or sequins, it's so easy to do (and so worth it).  

Hangers, Keep
Your wardrobe is super cute, so shouldn't the way you store and display your clothes be incredible too? Snagging some glitter hangers will take your closet to the next level.

Wall Decals, Etsy
Feeling retro? Slap these sparkling circles on to your wall and create a whole new vibe.

Whether your room is full of drawers, or you only have one door, dazzling your knobs will add a perfect touch of sparkle to your crib. You can buy some gemstone inspired knobs, *or* you can DIY your own.

Candle holders
DIY some glittery candle holders to make your room *look* as amazing as it smells. Are you going for peaceful or spunky feels? You can decide.

Whether you actually put flowers in vases, or use them for storing makeup brushes, there's no reason why they can't dazzle every day. Take your decoarive vases to the next level with this DIY. Psst ... it works on mason jars, too.

Fake flowers
These are so easy yet look so supreme. Grab your favorite fake flowers, drizzle them with glue and dash them with glitter. Ta da—you have a beautiful boquet. 

Tablecloth, Amazon
Whether your bedside table, desk or vanity needs a new look, a tablecloth can do the trick. A touch of sparkle will draw attention *and* make a boring space a little more you.  

Tapestry, Society6
Seriously, what's there not to love about this flawless tapestry? Pink, glitter *and* marble galour. It's a one of a kind piece that will make everyone completely jel.  

This DIY is legit perfection. You can totally make these glitter letters your own by spelling out your name, intials or another word that means something to you. Choose your color, design and more- it's completely up to you. 

If you're obssessed with glitter, let us know which one of these you want to add to your room below!

Photo credit: Pinterest.


by Aly Prouty | 7/26/2017
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