Cold feet? Fluff up your room with these hacks


It's a fact: snuggly stuff makes people happy! From fuzzy socks to puppy dogs and big sweaters, we're all about the fluff. Add some into your room to keep cozy.

Hang up a pom pom garland or DIY a pom pom throw blanket. There are endless ways to add a quick pop of color (and fuzz) to your room.

Blankets are so warm and cozy and we def have too many already, but who can pass up being wrapped up in fluff?

Deck out your bed or desk chair with some cute shag pillows—we're obssessed.

Stick some feathers in a vase or string them amongst your fairy lights. Your style will soar!

Swap out your pillowcases for fuzzy ones. (This is an especially amaze idea if you have a body pillow.)

Keep your feet snuggly even when your fuzzy socks are in the wash. A rug can completely tie a room together, plus it makes you look super put-together.

Do you remember when Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place redid her room in pink fur wallpaper? Live out your Disney dreams becuase fur wallpaper is totally a thing IRL.

Keep your room neat and clean with some storage bins. Some of them can even double as seating.

Honestly, every girl likes to cuddle with her fave childhood toy now and again. Don't be embarrassed to display your furry friend amongst your pretty pillows. 

If you're on the hunt for a new bean bag chair or your desk chair needs an upgrade, you seriously need to consider warming it up with some fluffy fabrics.

How do you soften up your space for fall? Share below!


by Aly Prouty | 9/4/2017
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