The *cutest* musical must-haves for your room


For music lovers everywhere, your room can serve as a safe haven. Inside it, you can feel free to express yourself however you choose, whether that be by fine-tuning your own vocal or instrumental skills or simply appreciating the talents of the artists they love. Make your room a little *extra* musical with these pitch perfect pieces.

Throw pillows
Accessorize with adorable and comfy pillows like this onethe musical-themed pun will remind you the value in pressing pause and taking a deep breath now and then.


A record player
Vinyl is making a comeback and for good reason. Trust us, you haven't truly listened to your fave album until you've heard it through a record player. Bonus: It looks *so* fab in your room!


An artsy coffee table book
This bright book will not only serves as the perfect introduction to the fab David Bowie, but will also add a dose of rock n' roll glamour to your desk or bookshelf.


The perfect poster
With this poster, you can showcase your Beyoncé love (#Beyhive) while also letting your sense of humor shine. After all, there's nothing like letting loose and having an impromptu dance sesh with your squad.


Golden bookends
These bookends add the perfect, unique touch to the row of tomes piling up on your desk. They'll make even your calc textbook look cute.


LED musical note
Metal signs like these are uber trendy. This one will punch up your decor with its modern yet rustic style and have your friends "oooohing" and "aaaaahing" in no time.

Which of these is your fave? Tell us in the comments! 


by Katherine Logan | 11/14/2017
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