6 ways to turn your room into a winter wonderland

The temperature has dropped and your favorite holiday is approaching (yaas). Why not let your room reflect the most magical season? Check out some ways you can turn your space into a mystical winter oasis below.

Add a fuzzy cream rug.
Every winter wonderland needs a fuzzy rug to add coziness and winter vibes. You can go for a faux fur throw rug or soft knit one for *all* the feels.

Light holiday scented candles.
When you walk into your room and it smells like pine trees or freshly baked gingerbread, you'll forget that you're in your room and drift into wonderland. You'll never want to leave.

String Christmas or fairy lights.
What's a winter wonderland without Christmas lights? If you're feeling really festive, you can go for colorful lights and if you just want to create a soft whimsical vibe, then go for the classic white string lights. 

Hang some snowflakes from the ceiling.
You can DIY these snowflakes or buy some. They'll look super pretty hanging from your cieling.

Add some throw pillows.
Have fun with a mix of different patterns and textures. A few fur pillows, a glittery one and one with a snowflake on it would make a perfect throw pillow combo for your bed and bring the winter wonderland theme together.

Don't forget the little things.
Stores right now are packed with everything from nutcrackers to silver reindeer figuines and, of course, mini Christmas trees. You can grab a few of these and place them around your room for a finishing touch. 

What would you add to your winter wonderland room?  Are you excited for the upcoming holidays?


by Lauren McMillan | 11/26/2017
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