These DIY lanterns will have you on cloud 9

The coolest new room decor will have you on *cloud 9*. Dreamy, fluffy and totally our newest favorite trend, cloud lanterns will brighten up any spot and are super easy to make. With only a few materials you can build your own beautiful cloudy night right in your room. The sky is the limit with this DIY.

What you'll need
+White paper lanterns
+Hot glue gun
+Cotton batting or stuffing
+String lights
+Clear string
+Command strips

What you'll do
1. Expand the paper lanterns. Try to get different sizes to create depth.
2. Using a hot glue gun (be careful as the tip will be hot!) glue the cotton onto the lanterns. For the best effect, cover most of the lantern with cotton, leaving some patches untouched for the light to shine through.
3. Determine how you want your clouds to look. You can glue them all together to create a cluster of clouds or you can hang them individually throughout your room.
4. String the lights through the clouds. Get super creative with this! You can make it look like it’s raining or hide the light inside the lanterns to look like lighting.
5. Run the clear string through the hooks on the top of your lantern and hang them up throughout your room. Command strips work wonders!

Photo Credit: YouTube


by India Afriyie | 2/22/2018
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