Turn your bedroom into the *ultimate* creative office space

When you think of an of office, you typically think of a desk, a chair and a messy work space, right? But when you are a young, hard working entrepreneur, you need your space to be clean, inspiring and a inducible to creative thinking. But how do you do that? How do you make an office for your BIG ideas? Well, you start here, of course. If you are ready to enter the field of tech, science or change the world with your creative heart, begin by sprucing up your bedroom office. Here's how:

1. Deck out your desk
You could probably guess this one, a desk. Although, many of us would rather work from bed, a desk is essential in a office space. distinguishing your work space from your relaxation space (aka your bed) is crucial for keeping your sleep sched on track.

Tips & tricks: If you don't have the room for a desk, you can buy one that hangs up. Yep, you heard us right—it's called a floating desk.

2. Sit comfortably
One way you can spruce up your office space is with an office chair. While, you want it to be pretty, it's also important that it's comfortable. When buying your chair ask yourself: Can I sit here for long periods of time? Will it be comfortable for my height? Will it move well on my flooring? With these things in mind, buy a chair that works well with your color scheme. 

Tips & Tricks: If you are setting up your office in a smaller space, buy a chair that can tuck in beneath your desk. That way, you aren't using up much floor space. 

3. Let's get organized
Organizing your work area is a good way to freshen up your space without spending much money. Clean up your drawers by adding crayon boxes, pouches or containers to the inside. Or clean up the top of your desk with a DIY desk topper.   

Tips & tricks: If you don't have a lot of space on your desk, utilize your wall space. Hang things like calendars, organizers and art above your desk instead of placing them on top. 

4. Stay on schedule
You're a busy bee! That's why we suggest, keeping a planner on your desk. The planner you choose should be something you will *want* to write in. Maybe it needs to be pretty, pink and chic. Or maybe it needs to be BIG so you see it. Either way, make sure your planner is the right type of planner for you!

Tips & tricks: Your planner shoudn't feel like a boring obligation. If it is, you will never want to open it. Instead, make it fun. You can do this by adding stickers, book marks and neon-colored sticky notes. Better yet: if it stays on your desk, make it match your decor. 

5. Deck the walls.
One way, you can deck out your office space is with wall art! While, you don't want to clutter your space, you should add a bit of inspo to your work area! Maybe for you, this means hanging up your dream board, adding a few photographs, or pasting some majorly motivational quotes! Whatever you decide, make sure it speaks to you. 

Tips & Tricks:  Feel free to make the wall art your next DIY project! After all, this is *your* creative space. 

Motivational wall art ideas:
I close deals in heels. 
Confidence level: Kanye West
Be the game changer. 
It is not over until I win.
You have the same hours in the day as Beyoncé. 

Tell us in the comments below, what would you use your office space for?

Photo credit: PB Teen


by Alyshia Hull | 4/14/2018