Let it snow inside + give your room a mega winter makeover

The winter months are full of blankets, hot cocoa and sometimes snow, and cuddling up inside is a must to stay warm during the chilliest months of the year. With all the time you will be spending indoors, having an interior that touches your winter feels is key to loving your space!

Scroll below to find some decor tips that will help you transition from cold to cozy in no time.

1. Swap out your bedding first

Since you'll be spending extra time curled up under the covers, give your bed some love! Plaids are the perf pattern because they scream winter and provide *so* many options. Opt for black and white if you're going for a chill vibe, or go for a brighter color if you want to jazz things up.

2. Hang up some string lights

Even though the holiday season only lasts for a few weeks, there is nothing that feels more like winter than the warm glow of some twinkling lights. Place them around your headboard and along the edges of your ceiling for an instant feeling of comfort!

3. Add some snow-y decor for the new year

White accents like wall art or throw pillows will make you feel like you're outside building a snowman. Plus, since the sun goes down so early, bright white will keep your room light and airy. 

4.  Fall in love with the scents of winter

Candles make a room feel comfier, so pick out a few winter-themed scents to really up the cozy factor. If you (or your parents) aren't loving the idea of an open flame, look for a wax warmer that will give you the scent of a candle without the potential danger.

5. Add statement pieces for interest

Style and functionality can go hand-in-hand with bold statements pieces, like mirrors! Just don't go overboard—one or two blinged-out accessories will show your unique side without risking overkill.

What are your go-to decor ideas for the winter? Share your room concepts in the comments!


by Logan Potter | 12/19/2019