Supersize your small room with these low-cost Amazon storage hacks

Image: Maggie Chipman

So you have a tiny closet, or you have to share with your sis? Maybe your room is just feeling *extra small* during this quarantine. Whatever the reason, we've compiled some storage hacks to create extra bedroom space. You deserve it, girl!

Cord collecting clips.

Between your phone, laptop, headphones and chargers, you have a lot of cords in your room. They're necessary...but can look *super* messy and take up room when they're all jumbled up. Use a set of simple binder clips to separate and organize your important electronics.

Wall mounted hooks.

Image: Pinterest

This hack seems too good to be true. These sticky-backed Command hooks can go *anywhere* you need them, and come in different sizes and strengths based on what you need. These hooks are perfect to create storage in spots too awkward or small for a shelf or bin—like the back of the door or in a corner.

Under the bed.

Image: The Home Depot

Your bed is your safe space — but there's no reason it can't be your storage spot, too! There is so much unused floorspace under most of our beds, which provides the perfect spot to tuck things that you don't use every day! Plastic bins with out-of-season clothes or pesky necessities like sheets and towels will slide in and out perfectly. If you're looking for a new bed, they even make some with drawers underneath!

*Bonus*: Bed risers.

Image: Pottery Barn Teen

These may seem *so* college, but bed risers are helpful at every age! If you have to store something a little taller than your existing space allows, wooden or plastic risers can give you just a few extra inches.

Sit on your storage.

Cute, cozy and containing?! We're sold. Cubes or poofs with removable lids can be the perfect chair and storage bin simultaneously.

Keeping your room as neat as possible helps it feel bigger, and these storage hacks will help you organized. Anything with a dual purpose should help out a multidimensional girl like you. Runnin' the world takes a lot of stuff!


by Maggie Chipman | 6/26/2020