6 easy DIYs to transform your room from tired to inspired

Ah, yes, the start of a new year: A time to revamp your study habits, get back into healthy living and spicen up your wardrobe. The next step: a rejuvenated bedroom. If your room's been looking a little dull lately, read on for 6 DIYs that will *instantly* put the pizzazz back into your sleep haven.

Dry erase board (and desktop tray!)

This adorable craft is so easy to make, and it's probably something you'll use everyday! It's cute *and* useful, and you can probably make it with supplies from right inside your house!

Paint chip calendar 

Ugh, another year of throwing away an unused wall calendar. This year, try something a little more sustainable (and *way* cuter) with this calendar made from paint swatches! Bonus: color coordinate it so that it matches with your room's aesthetic!

Calendar collage

Still have a calendar laying under your bed since 2018, but you don't have the heart to throw it away because it totally captures your aesthetic? Well, it's time to dust it off and put that calendar to use. To make a collage, simply cut out your fave pictures and phrases throughout the calendar, and glue them together on any type of paper, in whatever combo you'd like. Bonus: add glitter, stickers and a frame!

Light-up hanging clouds

These dreamy clouds will make your bedroom the *coolest* place in the house and provide the *perfect* backdrop for all your TikTok dances. While it may be a more time-consuming DIY, the finished product is totally worth it, trust. 


This braided rug is made from strips of old T-shirts, so it's the perfect craft for those of us who have sentimental ties to clothing but don't want to wear them anymore. 

Which DIY are you going to try? Let us know @girlslifemag! 

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by Elina Graham and Elise Jones | 1/24/2021