You *need* these 10 things to create your dream dorm room

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Summer is officially right around the corner and we all know what that means—long days by the pool, late nights at the bonfire and, for all you college gals, the beginning of dorm room-planning season. We know how stressful putting together a dorm room can be, so to make it easier, we've rounded up the 10 items you *need* to make your dream Pinterest dorm room a reality.

Urban Outfitters

1. Timeless bedding

You aren't going to want to replace your bedding every year, so get something timeless that reflects your sense of style. Another factor to consider is the material your bedding is made from. Nothing is worse than finding your dream bedding, only to realize it is a material that isn't conducive to sleeping (like polyester, for example.) Our suggestion: a chic bedspread from Urban Outfitters. Whether you're a fan of Boho or you want a more classic look, Urban will have you covered. 


2. Extra seating

While you might not mind a few people sitting on your bed, you'll want extra seating for those times that two Twin-XL beds won't cut it. Our suggestion: A fun statement chair from DormCo. There's no reason that extra seating has to make your room feel boring or cluttered, so we advocate for getting something both fun and functional, like this furry moon chair.


3. Attachable headboard

Since most dorm rooms don't supply you with a headboard alongside your school-supplied furniture, get crafty and attach your own headboard to up your dorm game. Our suggestion: Check out Dormify's selection of inexpensive, attachable dorm headboards. Since most of Dormify's headboards attach to bed frames with either command hooks or velcro, it makes the set-up and removal process super easy...and look how chic the end result is!


4. Statement throw pillows

While you probably won't want to clutter your bed with dozens of throw pillows, adding one or two can jazz up any space. Our suggestion: Finding fun, statement throw pillows that go well with your bedding and color scheme. ISO pillow inspiration? Target has a large online collection of decorative pillows that would please even the pickiest shopper.


5. Fun posters

You know those funky poster collages that took over VSCO last year? We cracked the code for making the best poster wall ever. Our suggestion: Purchase multiple posters from Posterfi (only $6!) and arrange them on your wall the way you like them.

Packed Party

6. A matching toiletry set

Having a toiletry kit that matches will make your toiletries feel less cluttered and more cohesive. Our suggestion: this amaze "Jetsetter Bundle" from Packed Party. With a compartment for everything, you'll have a space for every toiletry item you could ever need. Bonus: it's *just* as cute as it is useful.)

Bed Bath and Beyond

7. A quality desk lamp

From late-night chats with your roomie to early morning study seshes, you're going to want to invest in a desk lamp you love—esp if your dorm's only other lighting is overhead fluorescent lights (ugh!) Our suggestion: This desk lamp from Bed Bath and Beyond that doubles as a pencil organizer. So functional!

Pottery Barn

8. A shower caddy

Owning a shower caddy is non-negotiable if you live in a hall-style dorm. Since you'll be carrying it to and from the shower every day, you might as well invest in one you like. Our suggestion: Pottery Barn's Ombre Shower Caddy. With mesh sides to prevent molding, this shower caddy will last you the entirety of the school year. It comes in three colors (gray, pink and blue) and, bonus, it is made from recycled material. 


9. A storage ottoman

Whether you use it to hide extra blankets or to store your secret snack collection, having an extra storage unit in your room will be incredibly helpful. Our suggestion: This hexagonal storage ottoman from Amazon. This ottoman is perfect for dorms because it collapses flat when you take it apart, making it easy to take to and from college each year.


10. Sentimental wall art

Whether it's your first time living away from home or not, it's still nice to have snetimental reminders of all the people and places we love in our new home away from home. Our suggestion: Buy a blank corkboard, like this one from Zazzle, and fill it with pictures, cards and memories that remind you of the people you care about. 

What does your dream dorm room look like? Tag us on social media @girlslifemag to show us.


by Claire Hutto | 6/16/2021