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The best pre-game food

It’s a few days until your team’s big game, and your coach has been running practices like crazy. But you have to do more than practice to play a great game­ – the foods you eat in the days leading up to it can help or hurt your performance. Read on to find out what you should be eating to be a star on the field.
You should eat breakfast every day, but if your practices have been running longer, then it’s especially important to make your first meal of the day extra energizing. Eggs, toast, and oatmeal are all good options. Add some fresh fruit for a sweet taste that will keep you fueled. Make it even better on the day of your game with a veggie omelet or a whole-wheat bagel and peanut butter.
Ever eat lunch and then feel like taking a nap afterwards? That happens when you eat a big lunch, and empty carbs like fries and candy won’t help. If you normally nosh on foods like these, make a point to eat better when you have a game coming up. Trade your fries for veggies and pick something not fried for your main course. Look for whole grains and lean meat, like grilled chicken on a wheat bun. Do this every day, including the day of your game, to be alert and energized until the last bell.
Make sure that you’re drinking lots of water in the days before your game. You already know that you need it to not be dehydrated, but water is also great to drink when you want to eat junk food. Before you open up a bag of chips, have a glass of water and wait 10 minutes. If you’re still hungry, snack on protein-rich almonds instead.
When it’s finally the day you play, settle your nerves with a pre-game snack. Half a peanut butter and banana sandwich is perf before you go on the field. There’s lots of options, though: protein bars, fig bars, and cheese and crackers will all make you feel fab to play. So keep nourished, girlie, and show your opposing team what you’ve got!

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by Rachel Nugent | 2/1/2016