Eat Right

Bounce back from the holiday sugarfest


After a month of sweets, here's how to up your healthy-girl game. It's nearly impossible to avoid going overboard on the rich foods between Halloween and New Year's Eve. But let's be honest: all that rich food can leave a girl feeling a little sluggish and just, well, off. Not anymore. Our energy-boosting tips will have you eating right, sticking to that resolution and feeling your best in no time. Cookies? You won't even want 'em.

Quick change: Become BFFs with veggies.

Winter might the time when families are serving up heavy meals (baked mac 'n cheese much?), but you don't have to survive on casseroles alone. Make vegetables the main part of your meals, and you'll feel full faster, have more energy and will be stocking your body with tons of necessary vitamins. Promise. Tasty soups, roasted veggies and brown rice and hearty salads all make awesome lunches and dinners. And, spoiler, when you're eating more healthy food, your body gravitates to junk less.

Make it stick: A recent study found so-called comfort foods don't actually boost people's emotions for very long. The point? That huge portion of fries isn't going to really make you feel better, so consider reaching for the hummus and broccoli or apple and almond butter (try the maple variety) instead.

Quick change: Bundle up and get out there, babe.

The holidays can often = hibernation season. And while it's tempting to couchsurf from now 'til April, making an effort to get fresh air will give you an awesome jolt of energy. Plus, studies have found people who run outdoors in cooler temps actually ran faster, which means you'll finish your normal loop quicker than you imagined.

Make sure to pile on the layers, avoid being out there when it's dark and your mood will be boosted in 20-30 minutes.

Make it stick: We're suckers for cold weather sports of all kinds. Skiing? We love downhill and cross-country. Skating? We're already knotting those laces. Jogging when it's frigid out? Plunk on an ear band, a long sleeve, some tights, a vest, fingerless gloves...(you get it) and you'll be running on the regular. 

Quick change: Ditch the dessert party.

No judging: raise your hand if it sometimes feels like you're reaching for a brownie at 10 a.m. daily during the season o' sweets. Now that we've gotten confession out of the way (err, it happens), it's time to get real about how many desserts we're all eating. It's A-OK to nosh on your faves from time-to-time, but if it's become a thrice-a-day habit, make an effort to cut back. Limit yourself to one dessert on the daily (if you must) and then opt for fruit during the other moments when you want something a little sugary.

Make it stick: Hey, it's nice to end dinner on a sweet note, but that doesn't have to mean a half pint. Fruit salad, some hot cocoa or our latest obsession yogurt bark are all better options than those leftover baked goods.

Quick change: Reset your workout.

We heart spinning as much as the next girl, but if your exercise is totally one-note, you're missing out on awesome opps to challenge your body and get more benefits from your sweat session. Try some yoga, take a ballet-inspired barre class, scroll YouTube for a new kettlebell routine or hit the pool if you normally run.

Make it stick: Designate one of your BFFs a gym buddy and make a point to check out new classes, videos or workouts (try Pinterest, or our site for fresh get-fit routines) at least once a week.

Quick change: Start on the good stuff early.

Yep, we mean breakfast. In the post-holiday haze, it's easy to just grab a croissant or cookie as you dash outta the house (um, guilty). But starting your day with a gush of empty calories and zero nutrients will leave you feeling icky AND hungry in no time. Not to mention, you'll feel like you got off the wrong bite, leading to you make even more so-so decisions throughout the day.


Make it stick: Think past the cereal and everyday oatmeal. Try some green juice and a yogurt, avocado toast or even a bowl of breakfast quinoa. Trust us on that one.


by GL | 2/1/2016