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5 healthy food Instas you need in your feed

Nowadays, #Foodstagram isn’t just a hashtag on Instagram, ladies, it’s a full-blown art form. Accounts dedicated to food are no stranger to the photo sharing app and these five in particular are a feast for the eyes, providing followers with share-worthy dishes on the daily that aren’t just pretty, but healthy, too. After just a few scrolls through their feeds, these snapshots will have you craving something good-for-you and inspire you to take some food-focused pics of your own.

Sanne van Rooij, aka @beautyblends

This dutch blogger is all about women’s health which is amazing enough on its own, but pics like this coconut fruit bowl (and those smoothie bowls above!) make her page all the more follow-able. Check out her blog for all the info on what she’s eating and how you can cook it too.

Ella Mills, aka @deliciouslyella

As soon as you hit Ella's page, you're greeted with a call to action: “Follow for health and happiness." One glance at her bright and cheerful theme and you understand exactly what she's talking about. Aside from the usual dish on her dishes, she also posts pretty photos with posi quotes, too.

Molly Lucas, aka @wiz_kaleifa

Based on her Instagram name alone (Wiz Kaleifa is a pun on the rapper Wiz Khalifa, get it?!), you can tell Molly is a pretty funny gal. But the jokes don't stop there. The self proclaimed “kale-noisser” get's punny with her caption, too, like, "When you’re supposed to see Yeezy, but you have to settle for cheezy." TBH, we would take cheese over Yeezy, anyday.

David Bez, aka @saladpride

This account is #saladgoals. We know what you're thinking: How can a salad be #goals? Imagine the *coolest* bowl of leafy loveliness, then multiply that by 100–that’s @saladpride. Even better? The link to his website is in his bio, making it easy as pie (mmm, pie) to learn how to make them.

Katie Higgins, aka @chocolatecoveredkatie

We <3 eating sweet treats, but making them is even more fun. What's not fun, though, is gobbling up three cookies and realizing only after *just* how much sugar you've consumed. Lucky for dessert lovers, this girl can take almost any typical nom and put a vegan and/or sugar-free twist on it. If her Insta isn’t enough, check out her blog for the deets on all her healthy recipes.

What’s your fave place to find healthy food?

Photo credit: Beauty Blends.

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by Emmrick McCadden | 7/15/2016