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You *have* to try these chicken and avo wraps

This chicken and avocado lettuce wrap is a light and filling treat that is healthy AND delicious. Swapping out tortillas for lettuce is perfect for those who are sensitive to gluten or want a carb-free alternative, and also makes for a light and refreshing taste. What's best? These guilt-free wraps are perfect for any time of the day.

What you’ll need:
1lb Chicken breast 
2 Avocados 
½ tsp. Garlic powder 
½ tsp. Black pepper 
½ tsp. Salt 
2-3 Bib lettuce leaves
1 tbsp. Vegetable oil 
2 tbsp. Fresh salsa

1. Clean off the chicken breast. Pat dry and season with garlic powder, pepper and salt. Add vegetable oil to a hot skillet and then add the chicken.
2. Reduce skillet heat to medium and saute chicken for 8-10 minutes or until it is fully cooked (use a meat thermometer to check this!).
3. Remove chicken from pan and chop into 1 inch pieces.
4. Rinse and dry lettuce, then set aside. 
5. In a small bowl, mash two avocados with a fork with any seasonings you like until the mixture is creamy.
6. Spread mixture into each lettuce leaf. 
7. Distribute chicken onto the lettuce on top of the avocado and top with salsa. Enjoy!

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Photo and recipe credit: Dear Crissy.


by Chloe Jones | 4/6/2018