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Hacks for a healthier (but still delish) Thanksgiving


If there's one word to describe your average Thanksgiving meal, it's feast. In fact, the average American eats 4,500 calories during Turkey Daythat's a lot! But the holidays are meant to be enjoyed (and that includes all the yummy food), so don't stress, babe. Instead, follow these tips to stay healthy on Thanksgiving without denying yourself that extra piece of pie or missing family time for the gym.

1. Don't skip breakfast on Thanksgiving morning.
We all know the turkey dinner is the star of the show on Thursday, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't eat beforehand. Have your regular breakfast, just like any other day. And if you are having your big meal earlier in the afternoon, just something lighter like a bowl of oatmeal or Greek yogurt with granola. Skipping brekkie means you'll be *starving* by the time dinner rolls around, making you more likely to overeat. Plus, dealing with all your relatives when you're "hangry" is definitely not a good idea.

2. Take your time. 
It's not a race to the potatoes so slow down and savor every bite. We tend to go a little crazy because the food at our Thanksgiving meal isn't typically what we eat everyday. But if you shovel it in, you won't be able to tell *when* you're full, which means it could hit you all at once, leading to that overly stuffed feeling that no one likes. Eat mindfully and enjoy the conversation with your fam. There's plenty to go around for everyone.

3. Get moving.
Fight that turkey coma by heading to the backyard for a game of flag football with the fam. Or sign up for a local turkey trot 5K run/walk in the morning before you head over to Grandma's. You don't have to stress about getting to the gymthere are plenty of fun activities everyone can participate in throughout the day. By the time your little bro scores the last touchdown or you get back from a walk around the neighborhood with your mom, you'll be ready for round two of sweet potato casserole.

How are you staying healthy on Thanksgiving? Let us know in the comments! 

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by Amanda Tarlton | 11/21/2017
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