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6 foodstagrams for girls who *love* to eat


For those of us that are adventurous in the kitchen (or just love food TBH), nothing is better than finding new recipes to try. While you might not normally think of Instagram as a virtual cookbook, these six accounts are full of healthy inspo for your next meal. Warning: Do *not* look at these while hungry!

Angela Liddon of @ohsheglows is a vegetarian's dream come true. Her account features everything from vegan cupcakes to nachos to homemade granola bars...even meat-eaters will love her recipes.


Julia Kramer's Instagram bio proudly declares that she likes bagels, but if they're not your favorite, don't despair: The senior editor of Bon Appétit Magazine has an account filled with other, mouth-watering options, including Italian favorites, and all kinds of seafood.


Dietitian and founder of Alchemy Juice Bar, @hummusapien has a gorg feed. The best part? Her mindset about food: She wholeheartedly believes that you should eat what makes your heart *and* body happy (so yes, that means a balance of cookies and kale). 


You've probably seen Rachael Ray cook up a storm on the Food Network before, but now your Instagram feed can be filled with her creations all day long. Rachel is famous for quick recipes that she says can be completed in 30 minutes or less (perfect for super busy nights!).

Naturally Ella makes healthy eating look fun with her California-inspired recipes that are filled with vegetables. We want those baked chipotle sweet potato fries...


Los Angeles-based cook Adrianna Adarme's Instagram account, acozykitchen, is pretty enough to stare at all day! Click here for her entire recipe index, and don't forget to try her Matcha Iced Latte.

Do you follow any other Instagram accounts for cooking inspiration? Let us know in the comments!

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by Bridget Curley | 12/19/2017