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Need a brain boost for exams? Eat one of these mind-fueling foods


With the end of the school year approaching, it's proabably about time to crack open those textbooks and start preparing for finals. Whether you're a last-minute crammer or a long-term studier, fueling your body with nutrients is essential to maintaining a productive mind. Try incorportating these 10 foods into your diet that are guaranteed to help get you through the grueling last days of school.  

1. Salmon
Not only is this fish a great source of protein, it’s also packed with healthy oils and vitamins like omega-3 and B12, which are essential nutrients for your brain and nervous system.  

2. Blueberries
The antioxidants in these delicious berries will help improve your memory, verbal comprehension, decision making and numerical ability, while simultaneously protecting against diseases including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. If you need a midday snack before settling in to take that math test, grab some blueberries for a quick pick-me-up. 

3. Avocado
It’s no surprise why avocados are all the rage right nowtheir list of health benefits is nearly endless. For starters, monounsaturated fats produce acetylcholine aka the “learning chemical.” Additionally, high levels of tyrosine help keep you focused and motivated and avocados are filled with all sorts of vitamins, including C, E, K, and B. 

4. Beans
These little gems promote stabilized glucose (blood sugar) levels. Your brain needs glucose for energy, and since it has no way of storing these molecules, it relies on foods like beans to constantly provide them. 

5. Dark chocolate
Yup, you read that right! But beware: This doesn’t mean all chocolate is “healthy” chocolate. Instead of reaching for a KitKat, pick up a bar of 70 percent (or higher) pure, dark chocolate. It’s rich in fiber, iron and magnesium, which promote blood flow in the brain, and also a natural source of caffeine. 

6. Broccoli
Looking for an easy way to boost your memory and cognitive function and prevent depression all at the same time? Broccoli’s high levels of vitamin K, choline and folic acid are sure to do just that.  

7. Nuts
Another simple snack, nuts contain high levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that will keep you alert throughout the day, while vitamin E protects against cognitive decline as you grow older. 

8. Eggs
Similar to salmon, eggs are a great source of protein, vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids. They’re also high in tryptophan, which is essential for serotonin (“the happiness chemical”) production. 

9. Turmeric
Another new trendy treat for your bod, turmeric does wonders for your brain. It’s anti-inflammatory, increases neural stem growth and prevents Alzheimer’s. 

10. Leafy greens
Your mom doesn’t tell you to eat your greens for nothing! Kale, spinach and the rest of this food family are packed with nutrients like vitamin C, folate and tyrosine that support brain development, happiness, motivation and alertness.

What are your go-to study snacks? Share with us in the comments below! 

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by Allie Burrows | 5/30/2017