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Love coffee? You *have* to try these hacks

If someone ever suggested cutting coffee out of your daily routine, would you scream? No worries, if you are a true coffee addict, there's no need to ditch your morning cup of joe completely. But there are *plenty* of ways to make your favorite drink a little bit healthier.

Swap out your creamer. If you're using whole milk or creamer in your coffee, try using skim milk instead. This simple swap will cut the fat and calorie count. 

Really think about the sugar. Are you using sugar or artificial sweetener in your coffee? Some sweeteners are actually really bad for you, so sometimes it's best to just use real sugar. However, when you add a dash of sweetness to your blend, can you even taste it? If you can't, axe it all together. There's no need to add something you can't even taste, after all.

You can substitute cinnamon for syrup. Did you know that cinnamon has chromium (something that helps to even out natural blood sugar levels)? That means that you can change up your drink by adding a few sprinkles of cinnamon instead of globs of syrup. It's totally healthy and totally yummy.

Take it black. Black coffee is the most nutrious coffee option out there. But if you really hate it, you can amp up your boring drink with some milk and flavoring to make it taste great, without skewing the nutrition label too much.

You're having *how* many cups of coffee? Listen, most of us could definitely benefit from a cup of coffee in the morning, and sometimes one later on in the day. But if you find yourself drinking five cups a day, it's time to think about cutting back a little bit. 

Girl, satisfy that craving! If you are just dying to drink some coffee, have it. You don't have to have a trenta, but a normal amount of coffee will totally make you feel better. Being miserable without your coffee will do you no good, and honestly you might binge on it later. Yikes! So go ahead and have your daily caffeine fix.

Are you a coffee lover? Let us know what you think the best kind of coffee is!

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by Aly Prouty | 7/1/2017
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