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Secrets to snacking at school so you're *never* hungry again


After a long summer of snacking whenever you felt like it, you might find yourself a little hungry at school. Our stomachs are always shrinking and stretching and it’s *totally* normal. When classes start, finding time to eat typically happens at breakfast, lunch and dinner. While those three meals a day are healthy habits to keep, (don’t skip breakfast!) it’s also important to feed hunger whenever it strikes.

Because school-advised snack time ended in elementary school, you may find it difficult to indulge during the day. Here’s how to keep your belly happy and healthy through the school year.

Ask your teacher for a break.
Teachers are people too. Sometimes it feels like they only care about good grades but they really do understand. If you know you get hungry a few hours before lunch, approach your teacher and ask for a few minutes at the beginning of class. Because he/she may advise against eating in front of the other students, work with them on where the best place would be without involving everyone else.

Prepare snacks before school.
Expecting to run to the vending machine isn’t realistic. While you might be super hungry, it’s not fair to ask your teacher to go down the hallway for a bag of chips. By cutting up an apple and bagging it the night before, your snack is ready to go and you’ll only need a few minutes to replenish. Plus it's way healthier.

Eat at your locker.
If you’ve come up with a good case for your cravings and your teacher still isn’t okay with it, respectfully thank them for considering and take to your locker. During your down time in between periods, instead of chatting with the crew get your sugar up and ready for the rest of the day. This is the best way to not bother your teacher or the class.

Drink up. 
Make sure you’re staying hydrated as well. There is no rule against carrying a water bottle with you to class so be sure to have one on you—often, hunger is a sign of being dehydrated.

How do you snack smart at school? Share your tips in the comments! 

by Gabby Regalbuto | 9/6/2017
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