Eat Right

Try these healthier fast food orders when you're on the go

When you’re out and about with a busy sched, sometimes your only option is fast food. But you can still make smart eating choices when you're hitting the drive-thru, promise. Here are some healthier options at the biggest fast food chains.

We love Starbucks for the beloved PSL, but if you’re stopping by for a quick bite, grab their spinach and feta wrap which is packed with protein.

Chicken is super yummy and a staple in many healthy recipes. Instead of something fried, go for something fresh. Chow down on the grilled chicken cool wrap— except on Sundays, obvs.

Wendy’s is always creative with their new salads and pledge to use only fresh ingredients. Pick up the Asian cashew chicken salad to fill you up. 

It’s so hard not to opt for a Big Mac (so good!), but try the artisan grilled chicken sandwich instead. Psst: We totally won't judge if you get those fries, too!

At Arby’s they have plenty of meat-lovers options, but they also have crisp salads. We heart their roast turkey farmhouse salad for a punch of protein and a variety of veggies.

Swap the burgers and hot dogs for grilled chicken. Aka, when your waiter comes rolling by, ask for the classic grilled chicken sandwich instead.

Did you know about any of these healthier options? Tell us in the comments below!

Photo credit: Business Insider, Eat This, Not That!


by Bella Torres | 10/6/2018