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Would you go to a vegetarian school? Because they exist now

When it comes to school lunches, you probably think of chicken nuggets, hamburgers or, if you're lucky, taco Tuesday. But some students aren't given those options anymore...

Meet (er, not *meat*) the school that decided to cut carnivorous chow from the caf. 

P.S. 1, in Brooklyn, is New York's third all-vegetarian school—and we're pretty sure it won't be the last. Plant-based eating is trending for good reason lately (studies have shown it boosts your energy, improves your digestion *and* gives you glowy skin) and it seems that students are taking note...and speaking up. Principal Arlene Ramos even noted that the decision to go vegetarian was primarily due to the students expressing their interest in it.

And don't think that the meat-free menu is all boring cheese pizza or bland PB&Js, either. At P.S. 1, students can choose from healthy eats like lentil Sloppy Joe's, braised black beans with plantains and teriyaki tofu.

Hello #MeatlessMonday, all day, every day.  

What do you think about a totally vegetarian school? Tell us below! 

Photo credit: Budget Bytes.

by Amanda Tarlton | 10/16/2017
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