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5 ways to eat this trendy spice at every meal

You've probably seen turmeric lattes on the menu at a coffee shop, or maybe you've heard people talking about this trending spice. Turmeric is becoming a popular addition to recipes, but what is it, exactly?

Turmeric, known as the "golden spice", is commonly used in various Asian dishes often in powder form (but can also be used fresh). It's most touted for its numerous health benefits: turmeric helps reduce inflammation, contains a powerful antioxidant and has been used to help treat a wide range of medical conditions. 

Basically, turmeric adds flavor and a fun yellow color to food—while also bettering your bod. Check out the recipes that use this super spice below.  

Turmeric chai latte
Spice up your chai tea with turmeric. This tasty drink is perfect for a chilly day or for when you are fighting off a cold.  

Turmeric ginger lemonade
Reduce inflammation, re-energize and quench your thirst with this fruity drink

Turmeric chicken noodle soup
Chicken noodle soup is already a common go-to when you're under the weather—add the health benefits of turmeric and hopefully you'll feel better in no time.  

Tropical turmeric popsicle
This healthy take on your fave frozen treat will help prevent sickness.

Coconut turmeric bites
Don't be fooled. Even though turmeric is used in mustard and curry, it can be used for sweets, too. 

Have you tasted foods or drinks with turmeric? What did you think of it? 

by Paige Sheffield | 10/20/2017
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