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Why Beyoncé is telling us to go vegan *again*

Last Friday, Beyoncé popped up on Instagram to post a fancy slice of avocado toast and rehearsal photos with the caption, "44 days until Coachella!! Vegan Time!! Click the link in my bio to join me! 💪🏽✨." 

This is not the first time she encouraged us to go vegan with her. If you remember back in 2015, she shared a very important announcement on Good Morning America that she was going vegan for 22 days and we should all try it! Her and JAY-Z's trainer, Marco Borges, started a vegan meal delivery food service that same year. Fans were not as enthused back then, but they seem to be now.

This time Beyoncé decided that one challenge is not enough, and doubled up her days to 44 as she gets ready for her highly-anticipated festival performance. 

Veganism can sound like one huge restricting diet consisting of only plants, but its not! If you are unsure about whether you want to follow Beyoncé on this journey, check out some of the facts about the plant-based diet below.

What is a plant-based diet?
A plant based-diet is a diet that does not include any meat, dairy, eggs or any other animal-based foods. It is slightly different from a vegan lifestyle, which excludes all animal-based or animal-tested products.

What are the benefits of a plant-based diet?
According to Marco Borges, plant-based diets offer nutrients that are not typically found in most North American diets, such as fiber, healthy fats, trace minerals and vitamins. He also says plant-based diets are low in bad cholesterol and saturated fats, which reduces the risk of diseases like high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancers and diabetes.

Plant-based diets have also helped individuals achieve clear skin, weight loss, more energy and better sleeping habits. Anyone can benefit from this diet.

What are some myths about going plant-based?
Eating a plant-based diet does not mean you will be stripped away from delicious meals. Sure, you may not be able to eat Chick-Fil-A sandwiches anymore or your favorite seafood dishes. You may even mess up some days, but if this is the lifestyle you are choosing for a couple of days or for a lifetime, take each day step-by-step, meal-by-meal. Slowly incorporate your food change into your life, and keep trying out new methods until you have figured out what works best for you!

If a plant-based diet is not for you, research other healthy options that works best for your food preference. Regardless of what type of diet you choose, make sure you are nurturing your body with the foods it needs. Let's all strive for healthy, long-lasting bodies like Beyoncé!

Photo credit: Instagram via Beyoncé


by Toyin Akinwande | 3/11/2018