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Eat like a pro: What to eat on and off the field

Shout out to the athletes! You work, play and exericse super, super hard. But did you know, what you eat before and aftter working out is important too? That's why we came up with a list of foods you should try before and after your next game. Who knows, maybe they'll help you score that goal. 

1. Liquids
Before and after a game, liquids like water help the body cool down. While it's important to stay hydrated *all* of the time, it is even more essential to drink liquids while exercising. Although water is of course your best bet, you can also drink juices like Gatorade or Powerade before your next soccer match.

2. Carbs
One way you can fuel yourself up for your next workout or exercise is with carbs. But they have to be the right type. Here are the healthy ones: fresh fruits, protein bars and veggies. While, filling up on these foods aren't necessary, you should eat something before your next workout or game. Stay away from these ones: candy, desserts and highly processed foods. 

3. Glucose
If you're an athlete who is working on your endurance, sugar (glucose) can help. But before you load up on donuts and Poptarts, try pasta, fruit or bread. Sugar can of course be gained from eating carbs. Just make sure you're eating the right ones!

4. Protein
Working out is sooo good for you: It's no seceret! But taking care of yourself after you exercise is important too. Your muscles need time to recover and grow. You can do that by consuming protein, which you can get from an egg, a glass of milk, yogurt or a protein shake.

5. Healthy fats
Just like carbs there are good and bad fats. Here are a few good ones: nuts, vegtable oils, peanut butter and avocados. While, you should eat more protein after a workout than you should fats, even healthy ones, these foods should be included in your diet too. However, you should stay away from the following: fatty meats, lard and butter.  

How do you eat healthy before your games? Tell us in the comments below.


by Alyshia Hull | 5/7/2018
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