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5 fun froyo recipes for hot summer days


Unsurprisingly, Ice cream isn't the healthiest frosty treat. Frozen yogurt is low-fat and typically lower-cal than ice cream, though it has a comparable amount of sugar. If you're using it as an alternative to ice cream, the best thing you can do is make your own. That way, you control what goes into it. We've gathered some fun froyo recipes from around the web to help crush your ice cream cravings, one spoonful at a time.

Fro-yo Loaf

Image: Good Housekeeping

This gorge dessert comes from Good Housekeeping. It's froyo without a cup—so basically, a miracle. You freeze layers of different-flavored yogurt in a bread tin, turn it upside-down, and voila! Berries and chocolate sauce are all you need to turn this fro-yo loaf into a Michelin-star worthy dish.

Almost Famous Froyo

Image: Kana Okada/Food Network Magazine

If you have an ice cream maker, this Food Network froyo recipe is for you. You mix yogurt with sugar and corn syrup, meaning it's pretty close to ice cream—but portions are everything. Make a little and eat it all, or make a lot and eat a little. Your fam probably wouldn't mind trying some either. Plus: fruit is the perf low-cal topping to dress up a boring yogurt flave.

5 Minute Greek Froyo

Image: Kelly Senyei/Just A Taste

Grab your greek yogurt! This quick recipe from Just A Taste uses natural sweeteners like honey to cut down on the sugar while keeping the delicious taste. It's up to you to decide what percent fat is in the yogurt you use and which fruits to add. The best part? This froyo will last a month in your freezer, so you can enjoy it *all* summer long.

Lemon-Ginger Froyo


Think outside the box with this tea-inspired froyo recipe from Alton Brown. After you drain plain yogurt through cheesecloth overnight, run it through an ice cream machine with a few lemony ingredients and fold in some ginger, you can enjoy this froyo. It's one of the more complicated recipes, but it's also Good Eats approved. If you've got the time and the materials, this recipe is one to try.

Sugar-Free Berry Froyo


Finally, a recipe that cuts out the sugar completely. You can whip up this cool treat in just a few minutes, as demonstrated in the vid above. With only three ingredients, it's super-simple to make and clocks in at around 100 calories. So, don't be afraid to grab a big bowl and dig in.

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Slider Image: Kana Okada/Food Network Magazine


by Bailey Bujnosek | 8/3/2020