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Morningstar Farms Mushroom Lover Burger

It's been ages since I had a veggie burger of any sort. Somewhere along the way I swapped the bean or whatever-they-are patties for a salad or a turkey burger. But I had been eating turkey for almost a week and was searching the grocery store for something light and summery. Enter Morningstar Farm’s Mushroom Lover Burger.

I was happily surprised when I bit into my not-burger. Its texture was way more normal than I remembered (read: not paste-y). The mushrooms tasted fresh (which is crazy 'cause they had been in my freezer 10 minutes earlier) and the onion/spice combo was pretty good, too. The best part? It didn’t leave me feeling stuffed and is much better for ya than a restaurant mushroom burger (which have almost 1,000 calories!). The box had a recipe for how to whip the patties up into fajitas, which I might check out later this week.

The downside? It shoulda come with a slice of cheese!

Blog it out...Do you like mushroom burgers? Does your fam eat veggie burgers? What’s your fave kind? 
by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016
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