Eat Right

WE TRIED IT: Kelloggs Special K Crackers Multigrain

As a cereal fanatic, I totally love when my fave brands cook up different tasty snacks.  So, it was no surprise that when Special K came out with their brand new line of crackers, I was on cloud nine.  Normally, crackers aren’t exactly health food: lotsa times they’re stocked with salt and fat. While that is usually a problem (especially for someone who eats the whole bag of anything in 5 minutes, ahem, me) these have 90 calories per serving (which is a whopping 17 crackers). Not bad.
But these tasty treats have a sweet whole grain taste that is delish. Plus, they have more fiber than other crunchy whole-grain goodies and less fat than some reduced-fat crackers. You could totally eat ‘em plain, or topped with peanut butter or hummus (carbs ‘n’ protein team up for the ultimate keep-you-full snack).
If you’re not into crackers, or try to stay away from processed foods totally, these may not be your thing.
by Jami Katz | 2/1/2016