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EDITOR'S BLOG: A Family Affair!

This week, I’m turning my post over to GL’s fabtastic intern Sara. When I heard her fam was doing their own get-healthy plan, I knew she had to write about it for G-Life. Here’s what she has to say about eating better, together! -Katie A.

My family is trying out a new way of eating that our family friend introduced to us. Each week she is giving us a healthy habit to try out. 

Week one is officially over! We tried to limit caffeine, processed food, and sugar. Yes, I said sugar. Processed food (aka, stuff that comes in packages at the grocery store) was the easiest part, and then there were the other two. My fam drinks coffee and soda, so no caffeine was hard. After a few days, we’re getting used to it. You don't really realize how much sugar is in different foods, until you start looking for it. And trust me, those nightly bowls of ice cream get a little more tempting. 

Usually my mom does all the grocery shopping but this week, we all went to Trader Joe's together to make sure we only bought food that would be healthy.  As a family, we usually go out to eat at least a few times a week.. This week, we ate out once. All the other nights, my mom cooked us healthy dinners. Eating at home helped us control the amounts of sugar, portion size and butter in everything we ate.

I was surprised at how easy it was to eat better, when my whole family is doing it, too. We also don't have any unhealthy, tempting snacks in the house anymore so it is a lot easier to actually eat nutritiously. I would totally recommend making over your diet with your family. It is way easier and it will help you be strong and honest. Plus, it seems like we all grow closer each day!

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Is your family trying to eat healthier?
by Sara Cummings | 2/1/2016