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I’m always lookin’ for a tasty new breakfast to start my day or something yummy to snack at school. Searching through the cereal aisle the last week, I stumbled onto Kashi GOLEAN Crunch! The picture looked good and I was actually able to pronounce all the ingredients. I knew I was going to love it.
Each cup has 190 calories, which isn’t bad at all (it's about 40 more calories than Lucky Charms, but way better for you). There are nine grams of protein, which will keep you filled up and give you tons of energy all morning long. They’re naturally sweetened clusters with honey and cinnamon so you don’t have to worry about any of that fake stuff.

GOLEAN Crunch is a li’l pricier than your average cereal. Plus, some of the pieces are super crunchy and big, which could be a total bummer for you girls with braces. But you can try letting it soak in milk for a little while to soften it up.

Not a cereal person? They make the perfect snack!  Satisfying your sweet tooth, but fill you up at the same time. Mix it up with some other nuts and goodies to make a custom trail mix, or use it as a topping over fruit and yogurt, making your own personal parfaits at home.


by Ashley Barrett | 2/1/2016
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