Eat Right

Going Fast-Food Free

I used to be a huge fan of McDonald’s, and was there almost every weekend. Until I read Fast Food Nation by Eric Scholsser. After reading about the gross ingredients and less-than-sanitary practices that go into making fast food, I quit eating the stuff altogether.
It’s been six months since I’ve eaten at a Burger King or Chik-Fil-A. There were def noticeable changes after I stopped eating all those burgers and fries. I felt a lot more energetic and I no longer had those obnoxious mood swings we all hate. Our “Processed foods lead to depression” article might explain that.
I have always been a gym fanatic and for me exercise is a must. After I became fast-food free, I found that working out became ten times easier. I started choosing more difficult routes to run and I noticed my endurance was better than it had ever been. Since I have set aside the Big Mac, I got in way better shape.
After experiencing these results, I can assure you girlies that cutting back on the quick fix and opting for a home cooked and healthy meal is the better way to go. Your mind and body will be giving you a big thank you.


by Olivia Arrington | 2/1/2016