Eat Right

Avoid Holiday Poundage!

With all of the yummy food and sweet treats, it’s no wonder it’s easy to overeat during the holidays. There’s leftover Halloween candy and who can forget about the pumpkin pie, turkey and mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving.

This is the time of year when pants get a little snugger and bellies are a lot fuller. Keep reading to find out how to indulge, without the bulge!
Get Rid of Leftover Candy
It’s been a few weeks since Halloween, but I bet you’ve still got some leftover Kit Kats and Butterfingers in your goodie bag. Instead of eating it all, give it away. There will be plenty of sweets at Thanksgiving!
Portion Control
During the holidays, it’s easy to overload on everything. Mashed potatoes heap up, cookies are snagged by the handful and the candy bowls are brimming. Instead of grabbing super-sized servings, eat reasonable amounts of your faves (even dessert!). Check out our guide to portions.
Listen to your Bod
Getting in tune with your body can be one of the most helpful things to stay healthy. Your tummy will tell you when you’re full and what it needs. Craving a burger? Your bod might need protein, so nosh some beans or turkey. Do those sweet potatoes look especially delish? Your body might need carbs. You’ll always need veggies, so don’t skimp on the greens, girl. 
Work It Out
The holidays are usually the time when people slack off on their exercise routine. Holiday parties, decorating and baking can get in the way of your daily run and suddenly it’s January and you realize you haven’t seen your running shoes since October. It’s important for your health (and body) to keep working out. Break up your exercise if you can’t fit in a half hour on most days.
Remember, the holidays are a great time to spend with fam and friends, go to parties, and eat yummy foods. Don’t be afraid to indulge yourself in the sweet treats your grandma bakes and don’t kick yourself in the butt if you end up eating too much one night (it’s bound to happen). Just remember the next day is a new day and you can start your good habits all over again!

By: Liz Lebedda


11/19/2009 11:09:00 AM