5 fab new sports bras to check out

There’s no doubt that working out makes us feel awesome, but the often-drab exercise gear is a drag. Sometimes all you need is a bit of color and fun to get you pumped, so we’ve found the cutest new sports bras around to get you confident and keep your girls secure.
We promise, you won’t find a prettier sports bra. If you’re planning to do low-impact activities like yoga or ballet, slip in to this floral beauty. It boasts a little bit of padding to round out your shape. Sweet!
If you’re into dance workouts, this is bra is your new bestie. The cheetah print will keep you feeling fierce when you’re sweatin’ it out in Zumba, and it even has a pocket for your iPod so you can pump your best jams when you’re groovin’ solo.
The Jaz Bra, $40,
Need a splash of fun? A tie-dye bra will def have you feeling funky. This snug bra is great for running because it will keep your girls tight to your chest. Work the treadmill or the track and stay comfy the whole time!
This adorable bra is perf for girls with smaller busts who don’t need the support of thick straps. Best for medium-to-light impact activities, like using the stationary bike or toning up at the gym.
Comfort Alexis Printed Bra, $36,
If you’re a bigger busted girl in need of some serious support, this bra is for you. Say buh-bye to the bouncy uniboob, ’cause these comfy cups will keep ya in place.


by Clare Wise | 2/1/2016