Fit 'n' fun spring sports survey

Spring is almost here! That means longer days and plenty of time to get out there and run around. This season, will you be tearing up the lacrosse field or going up to bat in softball? Or maybe you’re trying out the track team or are more of a yoga on  your own kinda gal. No matter what you’re doing to stay fit and have a blast, share it with the rest of the GL girls! 
Once winter ends, are you wishing it was still basketball season or are you totally pumped for a new sport?

It’s the first sunny day of the season. Are you running laps to boost your cardio or do you bring your yoga mat outside for some sunny downward dogs? 
Are you trying out for a spring sport this year? If so, which one?
If you had to pick, would you rather play softball or take on the boys in baseball?
If you could be the captain of any team at your school, what would it be?
What is your fave outdoor activity to do when the weather warms up?

Are you into individual sports (think: tennis) or are  you more of a team player?

Will you be spending your spring break on the field (or track) or will you be as far from your running shoes as possible?

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by GL | 2/1/2016
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