Cute running essentials for spring!

Ready, set, run? Before you hit the neighborhood for your first spring jog, make sure you've got the fitness gear you need to keep your workout cool. GL’s got the five basics every runnin’ chica must have.

Super Sneaks
Having the right sneakers is the #1 most important thing when starting to run. Running sneakers are built to minimize shock impact (i.e., your feet hitting the pavement) and help make your run comfy and smooth, so talk to someone at the store to make the pair you’re eyeing fits the bill.

Cool Top and Shorts
As the temperature heats up, be sure to get loose clothes with fabric that breathes. That will keep your bod cool against the heat.

Sports Bra
Stay supported literally with the right sports bra. Make sure it fits tight but not too tight (read: you should be able to breathe) and wear it each time you run. It’ll keep things a lot more comfy.

Stop Watch
Outside of attire, one of the best accessories to have is a stop watch. Time your run and see how long you’ve been going. Some sports watches also include features to keep track of your heart rate too: super important to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout!

Water Bottle
Before and after you run, stay hydrated. Carrying a water bottle along the run is a smart way to make sure your bod has the fluid it needs. And an environmental plus: you can reuse it after your workout. Say good-bye to disposable water bottles and hello to a greener Earth!
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by Katie Abbondanza | 2/1/2016
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