Gear up for tennis season!

Sunny afternoons are perfect for serving it up on the courts. Here’s exactly what you need to do to go from racket novice to total pro (well, kinda) in no time flat.

Schedule time on the courts
First thing’s first: Get out there! Whether you’re volleying with a friend or simply working on your serve, the only way you’ll get better is to practice. Unearth a racket from your garage, buy a new sleeve of balls and hit the clay. We’re digging the USTA’s court locator to help you find a spot to play.

Sign up for (group) lessons
One-on-one instruction can be pricey. See if your local Y offers group lessons or instruction at a much more affordable rate. You’ll get practically-private instruction, without shelling out too much skrilla.

Snag an adorable skirt
Tennis clothes are sooo cute! Why not treat yourself to a new piece before you get swinging? White skirts and dresses are classic, but we love colorful prints.


by GL | 2/1/2016
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