Celebrate National Bike Month!

It’s time to join the wheel life. Yep, it’s National Bike Month and we’re dusting off the old banana seats and hitting the town in style. Why? It’s the perf way to bond with friend or fam and get in a dose of exercise.

Not only is biking a way fun and totally eco-friendly means of transportation, it helps tone your entire bod. Trust us: Cyclists have fab legs, which is great for shorts season. The stability and balance to ride steady engage your core. Plus, biking means you’re not just sittin’ around in the car or your couch. Check out a few of our safety tips:

Wear a helmet. Instead of risking the chance of a serious head injury, take the extra few seconds to buckle on your helmet and eliminate the chances of hurting your noggin. Who says helmets aren’t cool?
Don’t bike at night. It’s not smart to bike in the dark, but no matter what time of day you choose to bike, make sure you can be seen by others.
Wear bright colors or attach a light to your bike so that you can always be spotted. Remember: just because you can see others, doesn’t mean they can always see you. Be careful, and stay away from the main roads.

Here’s how to have enough more fun on your two wheeler:
Plan a weekend where you and your fam check out a local bike trail
Bring your bike along on your next vacay
Buy a cute new bike basket and ride to school

 So why are you still sitting there? Grab your helmet and bike on!


by Kara Gelber | 2/1/2016