10 things more awkward than being the worst in your workout class

{Related}So that supposedly “beginners” class was way harder than you expected, and it feels like you can barely keep up. But don’t stress! Instead of throwing in the sweaty towel, focus on yourself and doing your own, personal best. Who cares if you’re not the class pro? Much worse, OMG-worthy things could have happened instead, like…

#1. Passing out mid-class…’cause you’re dehydrated. Drink up!

#2. Tripping on your shoelaces during a water break. Er, keep ‘em tied, ladies.

#3. Suffering some sort of spandexy wardrobe malfunction. Yowtch!

#4. Accidentally kicking another class member. Two words: personal space.

#5. Yelling to your gym buddy just as the music stops. Especially if it’s about your period, your crush or how your undies are riding up.

#6. Completely sweating through your white workout top…and then running into your crush on your way outta the gym.

#7. Showing up late to class… twice in a row.

#8. Breaking class equipment. Uh, oops?

#9. Having your cell ring during one of the only quiet times in the hour. Silence that sucker!

#10. Trying to show off your advanced skills, but failing terribly. And one and two and three and four.

Time to spill your workout blush much moment! Tell us your worst in the comments.


by Julie Harans | 2/1/2016