Score some insta-happy! 5 things you should do every day

We know you’ve got a lot on your mind, and adding to your to-do list doesn’t sound too fun. But here are some things we think are def worth squeezing in. With these five quick, easy, daily tasks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a happier and better you. 

Say cheese

When you’re feeling down in the dumps, sometimes all you need is a little love. Flashing a smile will do the trick for you and your buds. It not only sends encouragement to the downer in need, but it also boosts your own happiness too! So show off those pearly whites next time your BFF is pouting—you’ll be amazed at the superpowers of a smile.

Help out the ’rents

You know those chores dad’s been asking you for help with? Or that messy closet mom’s been begging you to clean? Take some time each day to catch up on whatever around-the-house stuff needs to get done. Even if it’s only ten minutes, your parents will be super impressed that you decided to help on your own. And who knows what perks you’ll get now that you’re an all-star daughter?

Give a compliment

Think of how you feel when a classmate says she likes your hair, or just has to know where you got those shoes. Try spreading the love by complimenting someone (anyone!) each day. Not liking any outfits today? A comment about the inside, like “You are such a good friend” is more meaningful anyway.

Part with your pennies

We know how much you cherish that piggy bank, so sharing just a little each day will help you do a good deed without feeling like your blowing your savings. Collect 50 cents each day in a special jar, and choose your favorite cause to donate it to after a few months. Before you know it, you’ll be charity-pro.

Find some fresh air

Between school, homework and hanging out with friends, it’s hard to find free time to take a break outside. But try to get some good ’ol oxygen for at least a few minutes a day. There are reasons it feels so good to take a deep breath of fresh air: studies show that fresh air is good for your digestive system, blood pressure, heart rate, immune system, lungs and just makes you all-around happier!

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by Julie Harans | 2/1/2016