20 instant confidence boosters

Whether it’s end of school stress, or those beach body blues, it’s easy for things to feel a little overwhelming at times. You can quickly become your own worst critic, which can make things a major bummer. Luckily, we have compiled a great top 20 list to make you feel as wonderful and beautiful as you are! 

1. Stand tall and proud.

Keep your head held high and your shoulders back. Improving your posture can put a major pep in your step. No matter how unsure you may feel on the inside, worries will drift a way as you become at ease with your poised manner.

2. Start every morning by complimenting yourself.

Look in the mirror first thing and say “Good morning, beautiful!” Even with unbrushed hair and PJs, there’s no shame in embracing it all and giving yourself a boost. Maybe even write little compliments on Post-it notes for yourself.

3. Confidence comes from the inside out.

Confidence isn’t a look; it’s an attitude. It’s easy to focus on your physical qualities but remember that inner beauty shines through too! Yes, we know, that it might seem like nice hair or a killer body might attract boys over a quick wit or super cool soccer skills, but personality is what keeps the good ones around. Look for good qualities in yourself and don’t be afraid to remind yourself just how awesome you are.

4. Take a deep breath.

Stressed out and on the brink of a major meltdown? Clear your mind and slow down that speeding heart rate. In… Out… In… Out... In… Out…

5. Remember to smile.

It’s seriously so simple, but so many people forget. Smiling is proven to automatically improve your mood and send good vibes to your brain.

6. Celebrities are human too!

Everyone has at least one celebrity inspiration that they major girl-crush on. Looking at magazines or movie screens, so many celebrities seem just about perfect. Although it’s great to be inspired by celebrities when it comes to their style, what they get up to in their free time, or their charitable work, you have to remember that being just like them is a little unrealistic! With glam squads, pro makeup artists, personal trainers, and tailored designer duds (not to mention airbrushing after their pictures are taken!), things like pimples, bad hair days, and bloating are easily covered up. So next time you think, “Why can’t I be like that?” remember that they didn’t just roll out of bed in to effortless flawlessness. 

7. You won’t get anywhere with an ‘I can’t’ attitude.

Positivity is key. Instead of focusing on big tasks that seem impossible, take things step by step by setting little goals for yourself. Flip that frown upside down, and turn “I can’t” in to “I can!” After all, if you can’t even believe in yourself and your own hard work and effort, who will?

8. Learn the difference between selfish and self-aware.

It’s important to be a good friend and to try your best in school, but it’s also important to take time for yourself. If you don’t like what your friends are saying, if you don’t understand what’s going on in class, or maybe you’re not in the mood to go to the mall, it’s ok to speak up! Let you opinions be heard and put your own comfort before others if you’re not comfortable joining in, despite your friends nagging you to.

9. Be your own friend.

We all know the expression: “You’re your own worst enemy.” But with pressure coming from a bunch of other places, why do you have to battle with yourself as well? Would you tell your bestie her belly has been a little pudgy lately? How about that you think she has a big nose? No, right?! In fact, you might not even notice those things about your friend because you’re too busy thinking about how awesome she is. Approach yourself that way, too.

10. Listen to some great tunes.

Music is a great way to boost your mood, help you express your feelings, and de-stress. Pop in some headphones and have a dance party. You deserve it, girlies!

11. Find an alone time activity that puts you at ease.

This could be anything from a walk or run outside, to writing or painting. Find a way to express yourself and give yourself some time for a little self-reflection and relaxation.

12. Learn about things you’re afraid of.

Confident people may seem to have a super cool edge of fearlessness to them but it’s not always true. If you have a couple fears you want to conquer, start by learning about them. For example, if you’re scared of slithery snakes, research what types of snakes are in your area so you can find out that maybe they’re not so scary after all.

13. Surround yourself with good people.

Don’t let others bring you down: up your confidence by surrounding yourself with friends who want the best for you and have a positive influence as opposed to jealousy and cattiness. Don’t swim oceans for people who wouldn’t jump puddles for you. Friendship is through thick and thin!

14. It’s ok to be a little nervous!

About to present a big project or have an important game or performance coming up? It’s ok to have some nerves! It’s natural and shows that you care about what you’re doing. Instead of applying those nerves to negative thoughts (like how much you could mess up and embarrass yourself), think positive thoughts, chicas, like how well prepared you are for your time to shine.

15. Dress for success.

Fashionista alert! What you wear is a great way to express who you are and how you want people to notice you. Dress in clothes that look good and (most importantly!) make you feel good. Even if you just dress up a little to go to somewhere like the grocery store, looking cute can give you a major ego boost.

16. Laugh it off.

Everybody makes mistakes, experiences embarrassing moments, or even just has an off day. Instead of dwelling on it, making a big deal about something, or getting upset, laugh it off! People will appreciate your sense of humor about the situation and any bad feelings you may have will disappear a whole lot faster along with the memory of the situation. After all, tomorrow is another day to start fresh.

17. Embrace the little things in life.

Do you like something about yourself that’s totally random, like maybe your eyelashes? Did you smile at someone today who looked like they needed a little bit of sunshine? Sometimes life gets overwhelming, so concentrate on the little things that can make you happy. Maybe even keep a little journal about something that made you smile today or a song you like, so you can look back and see how far you’ve come!

18. If someone doesn’t like you back, it’s really them and not you.

It’s easy to feel crushed by your crush (I mean, that’s why they’re called crushes, right?). Although it can be a major plus to get attention from a certain cutie, remember that if they don’t like you back, it’s actually ok. It’s nothing wrong with you it’s just their personal taste, no different than a favorite movie or color. Remember rejection isn’t the end of the world; it’s a chance for a new start.

19. Give yourself a makeover.

Remember when you were little and you played dress up? It made you feel like a total princess! Embrace your inner child (and fairy-princess-ninja-superspy!) by playing a little dress up. Maybe put on a little make up and some heels, and show off your new look. If your parents don’t approve, just ask to wear them a little around the house, or maybe ask if you can get a new hairstyle. Make like a Justin Bieber album and reinvent yourself to be a ‘New You 2.0’!

20. Remember: insecurities are natural!

Everyone deals with insecurities, even people who seem super confident. No matter how popular someone is, or how shy someone seems, there is always something that gets them a little down. Just remember that everyone is only human and you never know what they’re dealing with. Everyone deals with let downs and things that get them down, so know you’re not alone.

Bonus: Take a step back from social media.

Social media has left us all glued to our phones and computers and viewing life through a screen. Although it’s easy to get totally wrapped up in how many likes one of your pictures is getting compared to your classmate’s picture, don’t. Take a step back and enjoy life off the Internet instead. Things like Facebook and Instagram are supposed to showcase the cool moments in someone’s life, so it’s easy to forget that everyone else’s lives aren’t always parties, concerts, and fun. You’ll feel better about your own life if you start living it and stop obsessing over how other people are living theirs.

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by Kate Radin | 2/1/2016