Here's why you should love your body just the way it is

In an era of airbrushed models on seemingly every billboard and magazine cover, it’s no wonder so many young girls are taught both directly and indirectly that their appearance is the most important thing. That’s why we absolutely adore the new self-love movement that encourages everyone to love themselves no matter what they look like.

It’s incredible to see people embracing their differences and loving themselves just the way they are. While we cannot get enough of the self-love movement and the message it sends young girls, it’s important to know the difference between wanting to be skinny and wanting to be healthy. Loving yourself the way you are shouldn’t be used as an excuse to eat anything you want and watch TV all day. If anything, it should be more of a reason to take care of yourself.

Make no mistake, though: taking care of yourself isn’t about losing weight or changing your appearance at all. Lots of perfectly healthy people don’t have a flat stomach or a thigh gap, and it’s 100 percent possible to live a happy and healthy lifestyle without being supermodel skinny. Most people aren’t, after all. Your concern shouldn’t be with what you look like, it should be with living an overall healthier life. 

There are plenty of simple changes you can make that prioritize your health instead of your appearance. You can change your eating habits without counting calories or dieting by simply avoiding processed foods, eating fresh fruits and vegetables and drinking plenty of water. Staying active is an important thing to do, but it doesn’t mean working out every day or even at all. Sometimes being active is as simple as taking the stairs, going for a walk after dinner or passing a soccer ball with a friend or sibling. Do whatever makes you feel like you’re bettering your lifestyle without sacrificing your self-esteem. Do what makes you feel happy and confident.

So love your love handles or your tiny hips. Love your small thighs or your round thighs. Love your short legs or your long legs. Just remember to take care of the one and only body you have—lumps, freckles, scars and all.

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by Alexis Ancel | 8/13/2016