Make magic happen with minerals

Okay, so minerals aren't performing the card tricks and disappearing acts you’re used to. And you probably won’t be pulling a rabbit out of a hat anytime because you use them. However, we’d be letting your bod down if we didn’t tell you that minerals are *pretty* magical. Wondering what health benefits these Houdinis have hiding up their sleeves? Lucky for you, they’re not shying away from sharing their secrets! Here’s why—and how—you should make room for minerals.

Vitamins alone aren’t enough

You’ve probably heard again and again that you won’t be healthy unless you take your vitamins. Well, whoever’s giving you your daily dose of vitamin goodness isn’t wrong! According to Columbia University, you need a whopping 13 vitamins because each does something totally different for your body. Vitamin A, for example, keeps your eyes in tip-top shape. Clearly, being able to see clearly is important. But vitamins aren’t the sole stars of the show. In fact, there are 16 essential minerals. Which ones made the list? Calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, chloride, magnesium, sulfur, iron, iodine, zinc, chromium, selenium, fluoride, molybdenum, copper and manganese.

Your body will thank you

Minerals do some major things for your insides. All 16 team up to get your blood flowing, bones growing and brain glowing. Health Evangelist Dr. Frank Lipman points out that, even on their own, these nutrients know how to take care of you. He says magnesium regulates your blood pressure, builds your bones and muscles, helps out your heart and strengthens your immune system. If you’re more worried about why you haven’t been able to catch the right amount of zzz’s at night, Organic Facts states that calcium helps to put the brakes on insomnia. Either way, you’d be lost without minerals!

You can find them in food…

Minerals are everywhere. By everywhere, we mean your fridge and cupboard. Because your body only needs small amounts of most minerals, it’s possible that you’re already chowing down on your fair share of them. KidsHealth rounded up a list of popular mineral powerhouses. Is a grilled chicken salad your go-to dinner dish? Both poultry and green leafy veggies are superb sources of iron. Are you bananas for bananas? The fab fruit is chock-full of potassium. Basically, the best way to get your mineral fix is with a well-rounded plate.

...But you don’t always have to eat them 

Food may be your top option for meeting your mineral needs, but it isn’t the only place you’ll find them. Minerals can be sprayed on, soaked in or even swallowed as a supplement. Again, a great name to call out is magnesium. You now know that magnesium is a mineral on a mission. According to Well + Good, this mission could begin with a simple soak in your bathtub. Magnesium flakes help to boost your body’s nutrient levels because your skin absorbs them as you relax in the warm water. Of course, chilling with a rubber ducky or two isn’t for everyone. If you’re a shower gal who still wants to sample this trend, simply snag a bottle of mineral oil and spray it directly onto your arms and legs. Think of it as magic potion with a natural twist!

How do you feel about minerals? Are you conscious of your mineral intake?

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by Megan Sawey | 9/21/2016